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A non-invasive, advanced electroencephalography-based analysis tool using standard EEG acquisition devices, that provides an objective measure of brain connectivity.

SigNeXx is a data-analysis tool that delivers a quantitative evaluation of standard electroencephalography (EEG) recordings to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with dementia, in particular Alzheimer’s disease. 

SigNeXx is easily accessible for the clinician as it uses data recorded from a standard EEG system following a simple protocol while the patient is at rest. Data is then analysed by SigNeXx and a report with the patient’s individual scores is provided to the clinician.

SigNeXx scores are objective and extremely sensitive to early impairment but maintain diagnostic accuracy also for later disease stages, allowing the clinician to use SigNeXx in the diagnostic process as well as for disease monitoring.

Top Features

Uses data recorded by any standard EEG system

Data is automatically analysed by SigNeXx

Generates report with patient’s scores

Objective and sensitive

Used for diagnosis as well as disease monitoring

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