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A self-administered game-like tool running on a tablet, professionally evaluating objective and subjective memory and mental processing speed, that can be used in waiting rooms of primary care facilities or expert centres.

HiPAL Pro is GT Diagnostics’ professional tool which is currently under development with the aim to be able to seamlessly integrate with HiPAL.  It is designed to provide through more comprehensive testing, a greatly advanced output aimed at assisting in the diagnosis and monitoring of dementia, in particular, Alzheimer’s disease. 

With minimal set-up by the clinician, the application presents a self-administered psychometric test to the patient, examining aspects of cognition such as memory and executive function. Individual patient results are presented with a distribution of scores from a comparison cohort, allowing the clinician to compare their patient to well-defined and characterised populations.

HiPAL Pro in addition aims to increase the efficiency of a clinic appointment by allowing patients to self-administer a cognitive assessment. The patient can complete the test in a quiet room while waiting to see their clinician, and the clinician can have the patient’s cognitive results available immediately before the appointment. This frees up face-to-face time between the clinician and the patient that would normally be spent completing a cognitive assessment.

HiPAL Pro aims to provide ultra-high sensitivity at the higher end of the ability scale, allowing early detection of deficits and close monitoring of a patient’s progress. At the same time, the interactive and engaging way the tasks are presented, keep the patient’s focus on the task.

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