Product status: currently under development

A well-being app that permits the worried well/unwell to monitor their cognitive status at home and will act as a gateway to access further specialised services and products.

Imagine you could test the performance of your memory in the comfort of your own home on a regular basis so subtle changes could be picked up very early. HiPAL is a well-being mobile and tablet app that permits you to monitor your cognitive status at home in a game-like environment.

What if the data collected over the years is not wasted but could be shared readily with experts who can not only help you but also have access to more advanced tools? If you wish, your data can also be shared with experts to provide a more comprehensive view if the need arises.

GT Diagnostics is currently in the process to partner with service providers to make HiPAL available to you very soon.

Top Features

Gamified testing

Traffic light system

HiPAL test takes 3 minutes

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