About GT Diagnostics

GT Diagnostics Ltd is part of the Genting TauRx Diagnostic Centre Sdn Bhd. It has been founded as a joint venture between Genting Bhd and TauRx Therapeutics Ltd. The aim of GT Diagnostics is to disrupt the current diagnostic market, addressing the massive mismatch between what is needed/demanded and what systems are currently available at an affordable price.

GT Diagnostics is developing inexpensive and accurate assessment tools for dementia diagnosis. Our e-platforms have the potential to become hubs for e-commerce, not only for linked services (financial and professional services, personal advice and support, residential and non-residential care, specialised products) but ultimately providing new channels for drug sales, distribution and monitoring. 

A Complete Partnership

Genting Berhad are embracing innovation and the adoption of new technology while TauRx Therapeutics are commited to the development of a treatment for dementia. As a result of their partnership, they have founded GT Diagnostics to provide intelligent tools to assist with early dementia detection.

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