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GT Diagnostics develops readily deployable e-platform tools for home use as well-being apps, alongside professional tools for expert use targeting the diagnosis and monitoring of dementias. GT Diagnostics’ tools are designed to be made available through various service providers ranging from financial and professional services, personal advice and support, residential and non-residential care, to specialised dementia centres.

A well-being app that permits the worried well/unwell to monitor their cognitive status at home and will act as a gateway to further specialised services and products.

A self-administered game-like tool, running on a tablet professionally evaluating objective and subjective memory and mental processing speed, that can be used in waiting rooms of primary care facilities or expert centres.

A specialised neuropsychological testing tool for clinicians to use in their assessment of patients with suspected or confirmed dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

A non-invasive, advanced EEG-based analysis tool, using standard EEG acquisition devices to provide an objective measure of brain connectivity.

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